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Timecrest 2.5.7 Patch Notes

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  • Timecrest 2.5.7 Patch Notes

    Version 2.5.7

    We've added the current year to the bottom-right of the Messages tab, and in the top left corner of each page in the Memory Oracles! It should make it a little less confusing as we jump around the timeline in a time travel story. Years in Alyncia are marked by M.G. or Magicae Genesis, that is, the number of years since magic was first discovered in Alyncia. Most of Timecrest 1 and 2 take place in the year 1014 M.G.

    Thanks to the following people who submitted corrections for spelling and grammar which have made it into this release:
    Numer, Matdredalia, Mehgcap, Ben Rose, Poke Gamer, @WillowWispette, Andreea, Alicia von Gryphon, ElleMaylise