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Timecrest 3 Name and Q and A with Timecrest Cofounder!

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  • Timecrest 3 Name and Q and A with Timecrest Cofounder!

    To all Timecrest fans out there, you will be delighted to know that we finally have a name for Timecrest 3! The next installment will be called Luthor Timecrest, and I am sure that many of you are as excited as I am. This and other details are revealed in an interview by AppleVis, who have awarded Timecrest with the Golden Apple Award for best iOS game of 2016. Be sure to give the podcast a listen, and let's give three cheers for Luthor Timecrest!

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    Also, if you prefer Youtube, we've republished it on our Youtube channel here, complete with convenient timestamps so you can jump to the part of the episode you want to listen to:


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      Luthor Timecrest.. I assume we will talk to Luthor in the next timecrest. So we won't talk to Ash again? If this happened, I will miss Ash


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        If I had to guess, though there will be a focus on Luthor, Ash and his past will be closely tied (and hopefully we will find out what is behind the door too )


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          Honestly. I don't know how the story can be continued after The Door, even from another viewpoint, so maybe we'll be taken back in time, to when we assume, we were Luthor's human friend.


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            Haven't posted in a while. But any new news on this? I haven't been online in forever lol.


            • JohnnyValdezi
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              As far as I know. Nope.

            • cowbunny
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              We're still working on it. Have you unlocked all of the Memory Oracles? There's still plenty to discover in there in the meantime.