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Announcement: Timecrest 2.5.5 Patch Notes

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  • Announcement: Timecrest 2.5.5 Patch Notes

    Version 2.5.5
    - Several words were added to the language filter.
    - Thanks to Matdredalia, @Mehgcap, @WillowWispette, Ben Rose, Poke Gamer, brad for spelling and grammar fixes.

    Version 2.5.4
    - Fixed a bug where 3D touch would crash the app.
    - Fixed a bug where opening the map crashes when using VoiceOver.
    - Spelling and grammar fixes. Thanks to: Paul Martin, @mehgcap, Jada

    Version 2.5.2 & 2.5.3
    - Memory Remnants and Memory Fragments were getting confusing. We renamed Memory Fragments to just "Memories." So combine 1 Void Crystal with 1 Memory Remnant to gain a Memory.
    - Fixed a crashing bug on Apple Watch, several critical bug fixes.
    - Minor grammar fixes.

    Version 2.5.1


    How did magic first come to Alyncia, one thousand years ago?
    Why does Elise avoid Princess Riley?
    Why does A.C. love breakfast so much?
    Why was Roger once considered a hero?
    What did Princess Riley say to First Mage Ezra?

    The Memory Oracle is a new magical artifact, unlockable by reaching Chapter 9, that can take the memories of your favorite characters and turn them into gripping short stories. These mini eBooks add 25,000 more words, featuring dramatic backstories, world building, and answers to burning mysteries for Ezra, A.C., Riley, Elise and Roger. Unlock them by playing through Timecrest and collecting Memory Remnants and Void Crystals.

    We whipped up this feature as a fun way for you to learn more about the world and something fun for you to unlock and discover, while we continue to work every day on Timecrest 3.

    - Morty: We've added some new art into the Morty tab, so now you can see what he looks like!
    - Fast Mode: If you’ve completed the game before, you can get Ash to send messages faster. (This will not speed up timers when Ash is Busy)
    - UI Redesign: We’ve put on a fresh coat of paint to make the UI cleaner and easier to use.
    - Key Items: We’ve made it clearer which items you keep on new playthroughs by marking them clearly in the pouch.
    - Suppress Ellipsis: For VoiceOver users, we’ve added a new setting that can convert ellipses into periods.

    - Player options use language filter. (Thanks Josh Hebert)
    - Language filter capitalization issue. (Thanks Ben Rose)
    - VoiceOver: Fixed an issue where “no” always had an exclamation mark.
    - Fixed a scrolling bug on iOS 10.2

    Thanks to everyone for sending in fixes and suggestions for the text.

    Chapter 1 (Wesley, @zabbs_, @AllharlowsEve, @mehgcap, DiannaMuircast, Angel A)
    Chapter 2 (@zabbs_, @AllharlowsEve, @mehgcap)
    Chatper 6 (@mehgcap, AudioGamerTunmi, @tmmahaff, @AllharlowsEve)
    Chapter 7 (Joel Goguen, @mehgcap)
    Chapter 8 (@YearlyAquariAce, @mehgcap)
    Chapter 9 (@YearlyAquariAce, @AllharlowsEve, @mehgcap, DiannaMuircast)
    Chapter 10 (@AllharlowsEve, Poke Gamer, Angel A, @mehgcap)
    Dragonberry Elixir description (Ralph)
    Merchant (@AllharlowsEve, Heather)
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    Updating now. Looking forward to chapter nine. Nice update