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    How to get Levitas Magnus or the Gravitas version with my instructions: *spoilers*
    Just click the following buttons in chapter 3: Are you okay, Ash?! / Did he attack you again?! / Why? / ...I understand. / Crawl. / Keep crawling. / Grab onto him! / What? / Go out. / What is it?/ Hide!/ Sure, try talking. / Tell me more about humans in... / Ask him how he knows all this. / Tell him honestly. / Tell him you believe in people. / Do as he says. / Show him. / Don’t you need to...
    Also, always choose to save the world, not just the people you care about. Like Ezra once did.
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      Originally posted by SplendidFault View Post

      Gravitas Magnus: Gravity Well: Creates a well of immense gravity underneath the target.
      A high level earth type spell that generates a relatively deep well of gravity underneath the target. Whoever or whatever is caught by the pull of the well will most likely never bother you again. Immense energy is required to escape the pull. Requires no cast time. True Gravitas Magnus must be achieved in order to obtain this spell as well as the ability to enter high-level trance lasting up to seven days. Years of study are required to achieve this ability and success is not guaranteed. Although, there are a few mages powerful enough to put others under high level trances which allows a shortcut for mages to obtain high level spells without the hard work. First Mage Ezra is one of the few known mages who can do this and, needless to say, many sought him for this ability.
      how do I get this spell?

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