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    Where is the white flower found? I am new to the forum but not the game have just been having trouble joining the forum.


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      Where do I find the dead twinkle rose?
      also, to find the white flour
      (spoiler) ( when the hooded figure is chasing Ash, choose to go to the grand library, and when the person shows up at the library, leave and go outside where you will meet the members of team 13. On your way to find Riley, you will encounter the merchant outside trying to pick a flower from a tree and he will ask Ash to get The flower for him. Before you get to The Gardens though, Ash will Come across a tree where he will pick one more of those flowers. When negotiating with the merchant for the teleport orbs, you may choose to give the merchant the flower in exchange for 100 gold)(spoiler)


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        I also have no idea where to find the dead rose. Someone said something about meeting Riley in the garden fire. I saw Riley flying around, but haven't seen anything about a dead rose. The only time I've seen a rose is in Timecrest 3 with Luthor.

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      To get the dead rose you need to go to Ash’s room when you are searching for teammates for the quest.