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    AMP Card
    The "Alyncian Merchant Purchase" Card is the quickest and easiest way to make an item purchase. Once you have the magical signature of an Alynican merchant you will be able to view their item stock and purchase anytime. Alyncian merchants are known for their eagerness at providing shoppers with this card and their signature. Of course their only motive must be their desire to be helpful...

    Aura Amulet
    Given to Ash in registration [for the Copper Trials], if an Aura Amulet is bound to a person, it will track that person's Aura and record the performance for later evaluation in the trials.

    Aura Potion
    Aura Potions historically used to be some of the most powerful and desired potions in Alyncia. Originally, they were derived from boiling Emerald Dragon Scales for several days, until a thick, lively green liquid was left. Their applications were endless, as these potions could cure nearly any ailment known to mages. Unfortunately, the mass harvesting of Emeral Dragons caused them to go extinct, and no Aura Potions could be made. That was, until a mage named Howard Crawford realized he could infuse healing properties into liquids, then color them green to make them reminiscent of what once was. While these synthetic Aura Potions are not as strong, they are still used to heal ailments and are in high demand with merchants, often falling out of stock.

    Broken Riley's Amulet
    A gift from Riley to Ash, this amulet is a one-of-a-kind Valdorian heirloom passed down by members of the royal family members of Valdor. It is used to possess the power to store memories so that the history of Valdor may never be forgotten amongst their bloodline. But the amulet has been shattered. It no longer works to store memories.

    Chrono Wand
    Obtained from Chronos at Riley's funeral, the Chronowand contains a piece of the Legendary Gem of Time! Such an item is sure to possess unfathomable power for a mage who knows how to use it. Unfortunately, Ash Timecrest is not that mage yet, but even if that is the case, the Chronowand is nonetheless a priceless collectable that any person in Alyncia would want in their inventory.

    Dispel Ring
    Is it real or is it a dream? This silver ring, simple and elegant, will help decipher what is real from what is an illusion. The origin of the Dispel Ring is unknown. When asked, the Alyncian merchants won't utter a peep on who made them. The best guess floating around is that these rings are made by someone who doesn't like to be tricked.

    Dragonberry Elixir
    Ash made this for you for Red Day. The Dragonberry Elixir is a dark purple drink stored in a clear, glass container. Dragons love to feed on dragon berries, and it is said that they owe their swiftness to these magical berries. The Dragonberry Elixir can be used to halve any wait timer.

    During its height, the Valdorian Empire controlled the Alyncian Merchants Union and the majority of trade in Alyncia. With its power, the Empire was able to popularize the usage of Gold as the standardized exchange currency. Coincidentally, the Empire had access to all of the Gold mines at the time.

    Griffin Egg
    Ash cooked this for you as a gift for Red Day. The delectable Griffin Egg, cooked sunny side up, smells of rosemary and can fully restore the HP of any weary traveler.

    Ignis Amulet
    Created by the fire mage prodigy Ignis, this amulet's original purpose was to provide warmth to all mages during harsh Alyncian winters. Ignis wanted to use fire magic to make Alyncia a better place, and also to transfer his knowledge of fire magic to other mages. By drawing from the amulet, mages could learn all sorts of powerful fire spells. But one day, all Ignis Amulets turned cold and lost the ability to provide warmth or as a source for fire spells. Nobody knows why. The Ignis Amulet is now used to keep mages cool in hot places, but due to the lost ability of drawing fire spells, the amulet went from a highly sought after item to a forgotten relic that only fetches a paltry price at Alyncian merchants.

    Irillium is one of the rarest substances found on Alyncia. Naturally occurring as a liquid with a blue ethereal glow, once solidified by magic, Irillium becomes unbreakable. Mages who come across this substance know it's their lucky day because who knows what others are willing to offer for such a rarity.

    Laughing Pumpkin Pie
    Ash baked this for you as a gift for Red Day. Laughing pumpkins are known to bring great luck and riches to those who consume it. Eating the Laughing Pumpkin Pie will grant you 150 gold.

    LSD Shirt
    A shirt given by the Luthor's Supreme Devotees Club upon joining. The LSD Club has weekly meetings to discuss the teachings of their idol Luthor Timecrest. It is the most popular club in the Timecrest Guild.

    Map of Alyncia
    Ash began drawing this map of Alyncia, and Team 13 hastily completed it.

    Map of Timecrest
    Ash drew this map of Timecrest.

    Old Photo
    It's a photo... I see the man in it. He's smiling and has his arm around a pretty woman with deep violet eyes. There are two children, a boy and a girl, in the picture as well with brilliant red hair. The boy is smiling confidently and showing off a flickering flame floating in his palm... He looks like a younger version of the Ignis who saved me from the cave spider. Could this be Ignis' family?

    Pure-White Flower
    Obtained from a sincera tree, these pure-white flowers are mostly given to those who are sick or suffering from pain because their simplistic beauty is believed to heal the heart. Though, people who are not suffering can still enjoy this fair flower.

    Riley's Letter
    The letter reads: "Thank you, Ash, for inspiring hope in me again. I will cherish the moments we spent together. But if you trust me, whatever you do, stay away from me. This is where we say goodbye."

    Riley's Locket
    Obtained from Riley when Ash took her hand after challenging her to a fight inspired by her childhood memories fighting Chronos. The locket contains a picture of Chronos as a child. He's smiling and holding a baby in his arms. Riley is standing there and also beaming. The picture was taken the day Ash was born. The locket is Riley's treasured keepsake, but she's given it to Ash.

    TOD Generator
    The Timecrest Merchant has found a passion for inventions ever since the creation of the AMP Card thinned out daily customer visits to his shop. The Teleport Orb Deluxe Generator is one of his finest inventions. [The] TOD can magically generate one Teleport Orb per day. Recently the Timecrest Merchant discovered the existence of crystals he has never seen before in Alyncia by converting Irillium into them through one of his other inventions. For a reason not disclosed, the Timecrest Merchant seems to desire to hoard these crystals and has even put up his precious TOD Generator in exchange for them.

    Teleport Orb
    Orbs are spell containers that mages can imbue with any spell. This method is commonly used by mages to make some quick gold if they have rare or powerful spells that are hard to obtain, but other mages need. The shimmering lotus and a feather from a winged chimera are the only two known items mages can draw the Teleport spell from. With less than 5 percent of the mages in Alyncia knowing how to teleport on their own, it's no wonder why teleport orbs in particular are a hot commodity at the merchant.

    The Breakfast
    With shiny metal able to cut through any rock, the sword received its name of "The Breakfast" from its owner who loved breakfast food and cutting down his enemies with swift speed. Any knowledgeable blacksmith would be able to tell, just by looking at it, that "The Breakfast" was made with meticulous attention to detail and care.

    Time Crystal
    Mysterious dark crystals that emit a pale blue light.
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    You have a typo in the LSD shirt row... :P


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      YearlyAquariAce I'll get right on fixing it! Thanks so much!


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        You're welcome ^^


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          Haha! Author Timecrest! Silly Auto-Correct! Almost got me twice!


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            Originally posted by YearlyAquariAce View Post
            You have a typo in the LSD shirt row... :P
            Maybe Author Timecrest created Luthor Timecrest, once upon a time.


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              Maybe, maybe. Hehe.


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                Originally posted by cowbunny View Post

                Maybe Author Timecrest created Luthor Timecrest, once upon a time.
                So true! Ol' Author Timecrest sure knows how to write 'em!


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                  Should perhaps the pebble and feather be added?


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                    You forgot about the Pure White Flower.


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                      Thanks Timecrester! Can you please PM me the info? I haven't found it yet.


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                        In chapter 8 I found a flower?? It's called a Dead Twinkle Rose, I havn't seen anyone else mentioning it!! Super excited to see if it's useful!
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                          black mage arkhan commented
                          Editing a comment
                          it's for increasing your relationship with elise when you go to her room

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                        Note from Chronos to Riley in Chapter 9


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                          Originally posted by Unclechawie View Post
                          Note from Chronos to Riley in Chapter 9
                          Wait, what!? I thought the letter for Petora..


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                            It's an assumption that the note is to Riley as there is no direct support, just indirect support from the story:

                            So after traveling to Aurumhalla to be healed by Ho-Ho, I decided I wanted to go get some Irillium, so we teleported to Aion. Leaving Roger and Elise outside, I went to the Chasm and crossed it to get to the Irillium fountain only to find there was no Irillium flowing from the fountain. Instead, I found a bunch of tomes on how to cook Griffin Eggs and some pillows. A note falls out of one of them that says, "It's Overcooked - Chronos". My assumption is that this is a note to Riley as we only have reference to one person who has been learning to cook Griffin eggs, Riley.

                            Ultimately you can give this to Roger, as he was wanting Chrono's autograph to go along with the LSD Club shirt.

                            EDIT: Having replayed with a Dispel ring, the note may very well be for Petora
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