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  • prevention???

    I have no idea how to do spoilers so tips would be useful

    Hey all, just wondering if there was any way to prevent the death of A.C (other than choosing Riley's path) because I want to see more of his sarcasm Any ideas?

    Also, I wanted to start a discussion about possible why the creators of the game decided to have A.C die. It seems extremely sad to me that on my first run I only got like 25 relationship with him. Any ideas or theories are appreciated!!!

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    Nope. Impossible. Also post in Discussion; it's for discussion. The Alyncipedia is for documentation.


    • GriffinEgg
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      Ok thanks. Sorry about the alyncipedia thing- I'm new to the forums Appreciate your feedback!

    • ChristineMoon
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      No worries about posting in the wrong place. If you are in the main forum, it bolds any section that has an unread post. But more people will see it in discussion and reply.

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    GriffinEgg- welcome to the forums!

    No, it’s either one or the other in Chapter 8, depending on path. I believe it has to do with the door and the choice you make at the end of the game.

    Even in the beginning of the game, Ash tells you that revival magic is forbidden. As time goes on, you develop a connection to the characters. And by the time you reach Chapter 8, Ash feels responsible for the choices that lead to the death of a close friend. Now, you have to choose whether or not to open the door, which may alter the fate of your friend and the world (we still don’t exactly know what the door does).

    To post a spoiler, use [.spoiler] (your text) [./spoiler] without the period after the brackets.

    And getting your relationship level boosted (which offers an exclusive scene for each character) depends on your choices. Being kind to them and defending them in the trials are both big boosts. I’m pretty sure offering a potion to Adam in the cave will boost your relationship with Roger. It also encourages additional plays, which unlocks some really great backstories in the oracles.