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    As announced earlier, timecrest 3’s installation will be called “Luthor Timecrest”. Replaying Timecrest 2, i suddenly noticed this fact.
    Someone said that according to the name we might go back in time and become Chronos’ human friend, and the photo might prove it. (Look attachments)
    The message is blue like Chronos’ messages, and the one who sent it seems to know us and he says he forsook our help. We also know that young Chronos contacted a human through the same pocket watch, and he used to fight with him. What do you think about this theory?
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    Welcome to the board! I totally buy that theory, and there are several floating around here about the exact shade of blue and who the blue voice is.

    The fact that Chronos can talk to us directly really makes me think that you’re right- we know that Ash repeats what everyone else says, but Chronos has a connection to us.


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      Does anyone know when TimeCrest 3, AKA LutherTimeCrest release date will be?


      • IrisNightfall
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        Nope. Only that the developers are still hard at work. They do answer questions on Twitter when ever they can. 🙂
        (Roger is frustrating to talk to, though. Even after reading some of his memories.... He’s so clueless and thick headed. 😩)

        Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if they’re still working on the final draft (before adding it to the game). They truly care about their project and want it to be a success. It’ll definitely be worth the wait.
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      I really hope the new chapters aren’t exclusively in the past. I’ve gotten attached to the characters from chapters 1-10, so having to wait until Timecrest 4 to find out what happened with them would be tortuous. My hope is that Luthor Timecrest is being delayed so that the chapters following it can be released surprisingly soon afterwards.