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    Obviously, this will contain spoilers. Nonetheless, WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW.

    Okay, I've played through about five or six times. Excluding once, I've gotten Ash's "True Ending" each time. Even when I didn't, it let me rewind to the beginning of the chapter, instead of replaying the entire game. What endings have you found? I have been purposely trying to get a non-True ending, without muck luck.

    1. True Ending
    In which you and Ash meet Chronos on top of Mount Asura and he calls Ash a Timecrest.

    2. Killed in the Ruins of Valdor
    In which you and Ash travel to the Ruins of Valdor and are killed by Guildmaster Petora and another Guildmaster
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    A few more to add that I found:

    3. Trapped on Aion

    While in pursuit of Riley, you find her tied up on Aion. Petora and the hooded man surround Ash. I think you also find out that the hooded man is Guildmaster Fulgur in this one. The ending says Ash is trapped while the meteors descend on Alyncia.

    4. Devasted in Lyall

    Ash is brokenhearted after losing his parents and terminates the connection with us.

    5. Asura endings

    I think if you haven't been trained by the guy riding the emerald dragon, there are some paths that lead to death on Mount Asura Chapter 5. I encountered Petora there and with Levitas Magnus I fought her, but without it I died.


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      Good to know. Any advice on actually achieving those endings?


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        For Trapped on Aion, in Chapter 4, choose to go find Riley and then follow Riley to Aion. You'll be given the option to leave, but don't.

        I don't remember how I got Devastated in Lyall ending.

        For the Asura ending, if you go down or up a wrong path and meet Petora, you can get it if you don't have Levitas Magnus or Gravitas Magnus. I think you can't escape if you don't have those spells.


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          I've purposefully tried getting lost on Mount Asura. While I waste upwards of ten hours there, I can't seem to end up anywhere but at the top. Thanks for the info on the Aion ending.


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            I got the Lyall ending before. When you go to Lyall in Chapter 4, it can be destroyed, killing Ash's parents. I'm not exactly sure how I got it, but Ash said something about wasting too much time. So I think that happens if you go to Lyall too late, maybe if you go to other places.


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              Interesting. Time actually does play a factor. I'll have to see if anything else happens in my next playthrough, when I will use Teleport Orbs at any given opportunity. Thanks for the info. I'll have to try and get that ending.


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                I think after the parents die, Ash kind of freezes when the hooded man shows up and doesn't want to do anything. I can't remember what the options were, but I think when you're trying to convince Ash to do something, one of the ways leads to the ending and one of them makes Ash fight on. I wish I could remember what exactly the choices were.


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                  That's not a problem. This is more information than I've gotten off of anyone else. Ever wonder how many different endings there are? I haven't been able to locate all that many.


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                    What are the other true endings in Timecrest 2? One was choosing not to open the door and Ignis simply said 'wrong choice ' and connection was lost


                    • ChristineMoon
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                      Hi Kathy! Welcome to the forums! The 3 available endings are Trust Chronos/ open, Trust Chronos/ turn away, and Do not Trust Chronos.

                      The other 2 options show 2 different things behind the opened door. I won’t tell you
                      what, but it’s definitely worth playing through with different choices. You can select Levitas vs. Gravitas for minor differences, but Chapter 8’s option of Follow Riley or Go to Windsorhowl definitely changes the story a lot.

                      As far as what happens after you open the door, we’re all curious. The developers are working hard on a release. But there’s plenty of story left to read, even after 4-5 plays.

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                    I was browsing to find the Lyall ending, but i never found it in the network. I was trying hardly to get the ending, glad if you don't go to mount asura you can restart chapter 4 when fulgur kills you. But i think i found the path.
                    The valuable choises are:
                    • Find Riley
                    • Stay away from Aion
                    • Visit Lyall first
                    At this point Ash heads to Valdor.
                    • Don't give up. Go to where you saw the face-off between Chronos and King Janus
                    • Go check it out
                    • Leave him (Janus) be
                    • Leave
                    • Go back to Janus
                    • Ask what is the best way out of Valdor besides the main path
                    • Don't kill Janus
                    Now you just need a teleport orb to get to Lyall.
                    Good luck.


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                      I've found a couple other endings. First, in chapter 2, if you choose to find a guild master to report the hooded figure to, aka Petora, and you don't run away from her, then the hooded figure shows up and kills Ash. Second is all the way after you've gone with Riley to speak to Ezra and, after he kills Riley, Ash goes to attack him, but Ezra snaps Ash's neck. I think I've found another but I can't remember for sure.