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    After playing Timecrest 2, I have to say I love A.C. the most out of Team 13! I love Ash (obviously!) and adore all of Team 13 (although Roger pushes it sometimes) but of the new characters, A.C. is an absolute winner. I am just a sucker for the way he talks and his lack of care to irrelevant things such as appearances, not to mention his strengths. The Windsorhowl route was Spain without the S, but I digress.

    I also think I ship Ash with A.C! Although other ships are cute too, such as Ash with Elise, I feel like I can see some good potential for them to be closer!
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    I didn’t catch this thread til now! Besides Ash, A.C. might be my favorite in Team 13 too. His naming his sword “The Breakfast” and yelling “Eat my Breakfast!” really made it for me LOL. I have a soft spot for everyone in Team 13 though.
    As for other characters, I really want to know more about Olliver! We know the other guildmasters are loyal to Chronos’ more secret goals and biddings (e.g. hunting down Ash) but I’m not sure about Olliver, especially considering Chronos is responsible for his parents’ death, although I’m not sure if he knows this already . Based on what we do know, he loves his little brother and is a great family head despite having to assume the position at a young age. So he’s cool in my book.

    As for ships, I also like Ash with A.C.! But Ash/Elise is also kind of sweet, and of course, Ash/Riley is endearing and they have some great moments (my favorite being their spar in Valdor ). Ash questions it multiple times and it’s denied by both parties but Riley/Chronos is also kind of sweet in that they’re childhood friends and only had each other after their parents died. But alas their present relationship is somewhat strained to say something of it.