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Timecrest 3?

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  • Timecrest 3?

    So i played Timecrest 2 long ago and I have seen the third instalment hasn’t been released yet. Has it been cancelled or something? Any news on it? I loved 1 and 2 it would be a shamed if it were to be stopped

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    Timecrest 3 is definitely on the horizon. There's no official release date set for Timecrest 3 yet, but it's our top priority and we're working hard every day to make Timecrest 3 happen. We'll share updates regarding the potential release date when we have something locked down.

    Thank you for your patience and loyalty!


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      I wasn’t expecting the devs to reply but seriously thanks!
      i don’t care how long u take, I have hope as long as it hasn’t been cancelled because I know it will just be as great as always.
      thanks for everything!


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        BDnico17 They are working hard on it, and they don’t go announcing this, but they are a 2-person development team- any time you send a support email, a twitter post, or a random question, you will speak directly to the developers.

        And if you look at your game log (by clicking start part 2 on the home screen), all the choices you made in the first 2 runs will affect the options in Part 3. So they have to cover a lot of choices to write a properly awesome story. I think it’s amazing that they are so connected to the players compared to larger apps, especially with all that work going on.